Our Story

Our story began more than thirty years ago when Sara Dimerman, a Psychologist in Ontario, began collecting names of professionals to whom she could refer clients.

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Over the years, she sorted them by areas of expertise, location and populations they served. She transcribed information from scraps of paper to a rolodex, then paper directories and eventually to computer databases. 

Still, the task of organizing this information into easily accessible folders that could be quickly retrieved to help refer clients to other allied professionals and services was a daunting one. 

And then, in the middle of the night, when light-bulb moments typically emerge, the psychologist excitedly began jotting down notes about how to create a digital resource directory.

As a result of growing a clinic with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals which she founded with her husband, a chiropractor at the time, her vision was to create a directory that would bring mental health and allied professionals together virtually, so as to work collaboratively and to be able to refer to one another.

Introducing ReferToMe.ca


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